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The Child Development Foundation of New Zealand

(Incorporating Reaching Out Trust)

The Child Development Foundation [CDF] is one organisation working to help young people to develop positive ways of dealing with situations they face in their lives. Initially established by Rotary, Department of Education and the Police, CDF is a charitable Trust working to develop implement, monitor and promote educational programmes directed towards the development and enhancement of personal skills.

They have developed three school based social skills programmes Reaching Up (for children aged 5 7), Reaching Forward for children aged from 7 10) and Reaching Out (for children aged 11-13).

The skills taught in Reaching Forward and Reaching Out assist with the development of :-

  • Healthy, positive relationships
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Goal setting techniques
  • Ability to resist peer pressure
  • Problem solving and decision making

The new programme Reaching Up links sequentially with Reaching Forward and Reaching Out and helps the classroom teacher set the scene for all new school entrants, giving them skills and strategies to learn that they have choices in a variety of situations.

Children who develop these social skills at a young age are able to make better decisions for themselves about the issues that arise, know how to ask for help if it is needed and have good self esteem.

Rotary has been involved in supporting CDF in many ways, from buying kits for local schools to subsidising training for community groups and several Trustees are Rotarians.

Rotary has been involved in supporting CDF in many ways, from buying kits for local schools to subsidising training for community groups. Several of CDF's trustees are Rotarians.

CDF's programmes, Reaching Up, Reaching Forward and Reaching Out are recommended by the Ministry of Education as being suitable for teaching the Health and Social Studies curricula. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the programmes, all of which are designed to ensure that children are exposed to strong values to help them interact with others in local communities and society at large. The skills children acquire through CDF's programmes are essential to their being able to follow social conventions or courtesies, make friends, form positive relationships, manage conflict satisfactorily and deal with many others issues.

Rotary was the catalyst for the Child Development Foundation, which over the past 16 years has grown into a national organisation, well respected by both education professionals and community workers

For further information contact:
Gaye Moriarty
National Director, Child Development Foundation of NZ
P O Box 109 697

09 520 6512 Fax: 09 520 3654
0800 GET CDF 0800 438-233

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